The 5 golden rules for perfect assembly

When joining aluminum profiles, a good assembly is essential for a correct aesthetic and functional finish of the windows.

The brackets are the product, but as in everything, you have to know how to use it, and through this post we will give you the basic recommendations to not fail in the assembly and in making a perfect window!

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1. Cut the profiles properly at 45º.

    • Profiles thicker than 1.3 mm

    • Machine with 1 or 2 vertical cutting heads for vertical or lateral cutting.

    • Do not deform the tubular by excessive pressure with the clamps.

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2. Use the right punching machine

    • Very frequent lubrication
    • Recommended manual or pneumatic punching machine to avoid deviations in bar ends.

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3. Check that the machining distance corresponds to the angle to be assembled.

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4. Return the bracket to its original position.

With lowered bridge in case the bracket consists of two assembled bodies and clamped at the corner, locking type.

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5. Tighten the screw to the correct pressure before the possible deformation of the profile.

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