Our commitment to the environment

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Social action, a key value for Anudal

Corporate social responsibility in companies goes beyond legal regulations. It is the personal values and beliefs of the property and its managers that endow it with Soul, infecting the rest of the teams and inviting socialization. Contagion to the rest of the organization’s teams.

Anudal collaborates with different NGO’s and charities, in its effort to promote the values that have made it not only a successful company in the sector, but also a respected company with a high social commitment.

In this sense, it has just started a collaboration relationship with the Maregassa Center: this center is part of the Educational Services of the Municipal Institute of Personal Services of the Badalona City Council and since 1997 has been offering programs adapted to the social guarantee with the aim of collaborating in the transition of young people with mental disabilities from the educational system to the world of work.

Anudal collaborates with

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Anuverd, environmental management plan

The objective of the plan is to generate a positive impact on people and the planet through environmental actions and policies beyond existing regulations.
We work on 4 basic principles:
– Reduce waste
– Manufacturing in a more environmentally friendly way
– Bringing sustainable products to market
– Generate social awareness


The project is global in scope, and begins development in 2022, for full implementation in 2027.

In 2023, the Anuverd environmental management project has been approved by the Asefave Congress Technical Committee for inclusion in the congress book.

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Aluminum, a sustainable and 100% recyclable material

Our products are manufactured with sustainable and infinitely recyclable aluminum profiles. Always carrying out a responsible production and a sustainable and non-polluting energy supply.
At Anudal, we have a system for the recovery of scrap and scrap aluminum in production to melt it again and thus achieve a circularity of the material.

Unlike many other materials, aluminum can be recycled over and over again without losing quality or properties. This infinite life cycle not only conserves resources, but also significantly reduces the energy required for its production compared to virgin aluminum. Opting for recycled aluminum products is a sustainable choice that benefits the environment.

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Achievement of the SDGs

With the Anuverd Anudal project, Anudal expects to comply with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) defined by the UN, through the following actions among others:

6- Clean water and sanitation; with the installation of a new water treatment plant ensuring that the water used in our internal parts washing process leaves our industry completely clean.

7- Affordable and non-polluting energy; with the development of the Anusol business line dedicated to the design and manufacture of structures for photovoltaic energy.

9- Industry, innovation and infrastructure; investing in developing a more automated and efficient industry.

12- Responsible production and consumption; using clean energy and reintroducing surplus aluminum into a circular economy.

13- Climate action; promoting sustainable actions between the team and our environment.

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