Anuverd, our environmental management project

environmental management

Anudal Industrial, manufacturer of brackets and joints for the assembly of aluminum profiles,
is a family-owned company founded in 1986, which since its inception has established a clear policy of
in CSR. We believe that our role in society goes beyond an economic contribution,
but that we have a responsibility in how we relate to and impact our
social and environmental surroundings.
We are at a critical moment for our planet, and it is everyone’s contribution that will make the difference.
will allow our future generations to continue to grow in a sustainable manner.
As an SME, our performance is limited, but we do believe that we have a loudspeaker that can
to enable everyone to act in a conscious way so that individual performance has an impact
global. That is why our purpose is to “create awareness in our environment about social responsibility and the environmental impact of companies“.
Therefore, we believe it is necessary to disseminate best practices to other companies in the sector, which will
like us, are faced with the challenge of how to meet environmental and social challenges.
and disseminate them in order to contribute to a global improvement.
Our direct contact is through the company’s human team, customers and collaborators,
and our local environment. Involving and communicating and disseminating these actions, allows the creation of
a network of diffusion through the environment of these agents, reaching out to relatives and friends,
administration and other companies, which will jointly involve their environments, and thus all together,
We will be able to create a global impact, each one from a small, medium or large scope.

For this reason, we have defined an internal project, called “Anuverd”, to generate an impact
positive impact on people and the planet through environmental actions and policies beyond
of the existing regulation.
The project starts to be developed in 2022, for full implementation in 2027.
Four working principles have been defined, under which the different actions are carried out:


These actions are intended to have a positive impact on the following SDGs, as defined by the
United Nations in the 2030 Agenda:


Asefave has included this project in its First Congress Book.

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