The blocking bracket, the best alternative

The locking bracket is a product widely used in the manufacture of accessories for aluminum carpentry as it allows a wide variety of measures and very good adaptability to special machining, which is why within the field of accessories for aluminum windows and aluminum profiles union is the best alternative.

For a correct use, both aluminum profiles must be machined by a punching machine to the appropriate size. Once machined, both profiles will be fixed by incorporating the aluminum angle bracket which, thanks to its lugs and the machining performed by the punching machine, will fix both profiles.

The brackets provided by Anudal are made entirely of aluminum, a sustainable and highly resistant material that stands out in today’s market. From anudal we have improved the manufacturing system, thus obtaining square nipples by means of milling cutters. They prevent lateral deformations. Anudal always thinks about the easiest way to execute each process. We want to make your assembly as easy as possible.

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