Integration of disabled personnel into the labor market

The labor integration of people with disabilities is a key aspect in the construction of a more inclusive and equitable society. The integration of people with disabilities in the workplace is not only a social responsibility, but also an opportunity to take advantage of valuable and diverse talent. By fostering an inclusive and valuable work environment for our team.

We offer them economic independence, skills development and above all we help them to foster their self-esteem and well-being by achieving goals thanks to the quality of the tasks they perform.

Anudal has always been characterized by hiring people with disabilities since its inception, the manager (at that time Ana Nuñez) has always wanted and has taught us a fundamental value in our company is the insertion of people with disabilities, are people who need our little help to work but we also need them, it is a very rewarding feedback for both parties and that over time has made it a normal and common situation in Anudal.

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